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Hi, I'm Lisa...

A well-traveled Partridge... 

My family name is Partridge and I grew up in a small town in Essex in the South East of England.  As a child I was fascinated by people; how they communicated and behaved with each other.  No surprises then that I studied English Literature & Psychology at University.  


Partridges don't like to fly long distances and prefer to run.  I am not a typical Partridge, as I love travelling far and wide and I don't really like running.  I prefer cycling!  Although I did manage to run a full marathon in Singapore some years ago...


My wings have taken me to live and work in several countries including, the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany and Singapore.  I decided a career in English teaching would satisfy both the desire to experience other countries and be of service to others. 

I always wanted to work in an airport but that never happened.  Funny to think that years later I was to design and deliver communication skills workshops at one of the best airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines!

Singapore is where this UK Partridge, her Moroccan husband and three small Partridges decided to settle in 2009.  

In the last decade, I have been designing and delivering workshops focused on helping professionals improve their communication skills and this is the mission of SIXCOMMS now.  

With the pandemic as a backdrop, I asked myself...


What are the six essential elements of effective communication? 


My answer, The Six Cs:


Empathy + Desire to Help + Appropriate Action = Compassionate Communication

Under compassion is where our ability to listen attentively is fundamental.


Connection & Curiosity

If you are genuinely curious, you will naturally ask a lot of questions and combining this with a desire to connect with someone is a winning combination for having meaningful conversations! 

You are certainly more likely to find common ground.   When I think of curiosity, I think of my children looking at me with wide eyes and constantly asking me why!  This exploratory nature that we have as children seems to fade in adulthood, but to communicate in this open, discovery way will pull others towards us and make communication a lot easier and a more enjoyable experience.


To have a clear purpose and be able to answer what, who, where, when, why and how. 


Audience-focused, tailoring messages to suit the recipient's style, preferences and priorities.


An alignment between what you say and what you do to develop and maintain trusting relationships.


It is with these six values that SIXCOMMS works with you to design and deliver bespoke learning experiences both in-person and online.


Our learning experiences offer you techniques and tools to enhance your communication skills, so that you have more positive relationships with the people you work with. 


To find out more about SIXCOMMS and to discuss your learning needs, please contact us.

Phone: +65 91297229

Image by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.
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