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Hi ! I ' m Lisa ...

Hi there! I'm Lisa Partridge, and if you're wondering, I'm not your typical Partridge. While most Partridges prefer to run, you'll find me Walking in nature and spreading my wings to explore the wonderful parks around Singapore when hosting my Walk & Talk group. 


Back in 2009, I embarked on a remarkable journey that took me all the way from the UK to the vibrant city of Singapore, which I now proudly call home. Here in this sunny island nation, I've been joined by my three Little Partridges, who definitely keep me on my toes!


Throughout my professional career, I've been dedicated to helping individuals enhance their communication skills. My journey began fresh out of University, where I delved into teaching English as a second language. This mission took me on exciting adventures to far-flung places like Japan, Italy, and Germany.


Upon returning to London, I founded my own English Language Teaching service, where I continued to make a difference in the lives of language learners. However, life is an ever-evolving adventure, and so was my career. When I relocated to Singapore, I found a new passion in corporate training as part of the British Council Professional Development team. Here, I shifted my focus to the "soft skills" of communication, delving into the art of building rapport, active listening, delivering impactful presentations, and facilitating engaging conversations.


My journey has been filled with diverse experiences and a deep commitment to helping people become better communicators. Now, I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with you by designing and delivering learning spaces that promote the Six Cs of Effective Communication! And I share practical communication tips through hosting The SIXCOMMS Podcast and inviting other communication professionals from around the world to join me. 

About Me.

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My Story  so  Far ...


Worked as an English Language teacher in Japan - I had the unique experience of being stationed in a quaint town at the base of Mount Fuji, teaching English to a diverse range of students, from 4-year-old children to my oldest learner, Jim, who was 74. Working in Asia for the first time was a thrilling emotional rollercoaster and an immensely enriching learning journey.

Business Communications trainer in Italy & Germany - I've provided tailored business English lessons to diverse individuals and groups in Italy, including notable organizations like FIAT. In Germany, I was part of a two-person team entrusted with designing and delivering an English language program for employees at DOW Chemicals, spanning from young apprentices to senior managers.

2004 - 2006


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