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Ready to elevate your communication skills? Learn to communicate more effectively with our 6Cs formula!


“Good experiences hinge on peak moments & peak moments don’t create themselves. “



How we can help...

Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship? No sales team support?

We'll boost your confidence and communication. Connect deeply, ignite curiosity, show compassion, and deliver your message clearly. Join our courses, workshops, and groups aligned with the Six Cs of Effective Communication for success. 

We aim to inspire you to reach out to new clients and a larger audience by fostering authentic conversations and sharing your ideas in a way that showcases your unique strengths!

Elevate your communication skills through our programs. Let's work together to make you not just comfortable but excited about your learning journey to becoming a more accomplished communicator. 

Our Services


Speak with Confidence for Podcast Success

A comprehensive course that gives you everything you need to either start or be a guest on a podcast with confidence and the vocal impact to engage your audience.


Connect & Reflect

A workshop that connects you with your strengths and vision for your business to inspire action and leave with a clear action plan.


Walk & Talk Networking Group

A unique networking experience for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking meaningful connections beyond the confines of traditional networking events.




To know the people we work with on a human level


To empathize with a desire to help & offer appropriate action


To ask open and inquiring questions to find out more


To have a clear purpose and use words understood by a global audience


To tailor our communication to suit the audience’s style, preference and priorities


To align what you say and what you do; to use the 6Cs consistently


About me

Hi, I'm Lisa Partridge, a Partridge who settled in sunny Singapore in 2009. I started my career teaching English in Japan, Italy, and Germany after university. In Singapore, I transitioned into corporate training at the British Council, specializing in soft skills like building rapport, active listening, impactful presentation skills, and facilitating engaging workshops. My passion for effective communication drives me to share knowledge, promoting the Six Cs of Effective Communication in the learning spaces I create and lead.

Jeevi Pillai

“The facilitation by Lisa made me feel safe and empowered to connect with myself and others in a deeper way.  My “aha” moment was when I realised how important one of my goals was to me and feeling confident that I will eventually reach it.  Thank you!”

Veveanne Chia 

“Lisa is warm, engaging and motivating. I always look forward to spending time with her because I get energized with her creative ideas in every session. In her training sessions, she prepares a customized learning program and offers practical advice that helps me grow both personally and professionally. Thank you Lisa!”

Sofia Alvarado

“Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, it’s clear that she is very passionate about what she does.  Her ability to ask thought provoking questions and make the workshop interactive made it easy to retain the info.  She related the workshop content to the relevant issues in the company that I work. I would recommend her as she’s engaging, dynamic and knowledgeable.”

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