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Our Approach

We believe that each individual and group is different.  We honor this individuality by being flexible in the courses we offer. We like to customize the learning spaces we design based on what works best for our clients. While we have packages to offer, we can customize communication skills courses based on the Six Cs of Effective Communication and the topics that we cover on The SIXCOMMS Podcast.  To best serve your individual learning needs we need to first have a connect call with you to discuss what areas of your communication you would like to elevate and what learning program could best address those needs.


Our three signature services aim to help you develop into a skilled speaker, a visionary professional, and an accomplished communicator who can build rapport easily and foster deeper connections with others.



Speak with Confidence for Podcast Success

Our 6-week coaching program enhances your podcasting skills and confidence for success. You'll become a skilled communicator for podcast creation and guest appearances. We tailor the program to your unique goals and podcasting experience, whether it's vocal improvement, interview-style questioning, or specific preferences. Before starting, you'll complete a 6Cs podcast checklist for audience connection, which we'll reference and update as needed during the course.


Program Features


Getting Started

Review 6Cs checklist, define podcast purpose and audience, craft trailer, receive feedback on visual, vocal, and verbal skills.


Your First Podcast Episode 

Evaluate week 1 feedback, create your first episode. Get feedback on communication skills, visuals for video podcasts.


Preparing for a Guest Episode

Prepare for guest spot on the SIXCOMMS Podcast by applying skills learned on the course. Review guide questions & rehearse.


The Tech to Get Started

Explore podcast tech (e.g., platforms like Buzzsprout, mics). Discover helpful tools (AI for clips, transcripts, show notes).


Polishing Your First Episode

Review week 3 feedback, record intro/outro for your episode. Receive feedback on strengths and areas to enhance.


Putting It into Practice 

Demonstrate learned skills as a guest on the SIXCOMMS Podcast, showcasing your confidence and competence.

Flexible course formats include online, in-person, or hybrid options, with 90-minute sessions over six live coaching sessions. Self-study complements live sessions for skill reinforcement. Recordings track your progress and serve as references. A resource bank provides essential tools and links for your podcasting journey.


Connect & Reflect Workshop

In the midst of business chaos, our workshop refocuses your vision and connects you with fellow entrepreneurs for innovative solutions. Guided by Appreciative Inquiry, we help you rediscover and celebrate your achievements while setting a clear path forward with peers' support.


What to Expect:


1. Discover and celebrate your achievements.

2. Reconnect with your future vision.

3. Outline steps to bring your vision to life.

4. Create an action plan for your envisioned future.

Connect & Reflect 11.jpg

Workshop Details

Ideal for groups of up to 12 in Singapore.

A 3-hour workshop offered indoors or outside in nature. 


Past Participants' Transformations:

From anxiety to renewed energy, curiosity to empowerment, cloudiness to clarity and inspiration, apprehension to motivation and confidence, and demotivation to renewed purpose and connection.


Rediscover your vision, celebrate success, and shape a brighter future by joining our insightful workshop.

Walk & Talk Networking Group_1.jpeg


Walk & Talk Networking Group

Why Choose Walk & Talk Networking?

We're redefining networking by taking it outdoors, fostering meaningful relationships through leisurely strolls in nature. Escape the confines of traditional indoor or online events and break free from the norm.


A Different Way to Connect

Experience refreshing networking with us. Engage in conversations during a leisurely walk, appreciating nature's beauty while the conversation flows naturally.


Join Our Vibrant Community

Our group is comprised of inspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Singapore who find motivation in deep conversations and fresh air.


What to Expect :

  • Weekly morning walks either Mon, Tues or Thurs starting at 7:30 am or 8 am.

  • One hour walk with coffee after if you can.

  • Rotating locations across scenic spots in Singapore, such as Fort Canning Park and the Botanical Gardens. 

  • A structured yet organic format that encourages reflection and connection.

  • Small groups for meaningful conversations.

Group Details

How to Join:

Send us an email or WhatsApp message if you'd like to join. You will be added to our WhatsApp group to connect with fellow walkers and get event updates.  Breathe in fresh air and genuine connections with us!


What Our Walkers Say:

"I love the community feel - I've met new people every walk."

"Hearing everyone connect on different levels was amazing!"

"I enjoy just chatting without business motives."

"Walking and talking felt uplifting."

"I was hesitant, but it was worth it!"

"Connection, fresh air, and deep conversations are motivating."

"A relief from indoor desk and screen time."

"A refreshing change from coffee or structured networking events."

Walk & Talk Networking Group_2.jpeg

Stay in Touch


Mobile: +65 91297229

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