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Pampas Grass

Hi ! I ' m Lisa ...

My family name, Partridge, contrasts with its bird's traits; I'm a long-distance flier rather than a runner. From the UK to the USA, Japan, Italy, and Germany, I've had diverse adventures worldwide, landing in Singapore in 2009, now my family's home.


I thrive on witnessing those "light bulb moments" in workshops and coaching sessions. Inspired by Dan Heath's idea that great experiences rely on peak moments, I'm committed to creating impactful learning spaces.


My passion for effective communication drives The SIXCOMMS Podcast, hosting enlightening conversations with global guests. Join me to gather a curated toolbox of communication tips for your journey. Let's grow together in our lifelong communication exploration!

Pampas Grass

About Me.



Years dedicated to enhancing professionals' communication skills

White WIld Flowers


Hours teaching, coaching, facilitating, and leading workshops

Mountain Range


Years of ESL teaching experience

​18 years of international living and work in 4 countries. 2 years perfecting my podcast hosting skills. Countless collaborations across diverse industries, from finance and hospitality to retail, airlines, and government agencies.

My story so far . . .


English Language teacher in Japan

Fresh from University, I flew to Japan to teach English in a charming town near Mount Fuji. My first Asian experience was an enriching emotional roller coaster!


Founder of English Language Teaching Service, London UK

I founded a UK-based business specializing in personalized English lessons. Coaching for traders, lawyers, and French-speaking families in London. I expanded with a skilled team of freelancers across the city.


Launched The SIXCOMMS Podcast

During the pandemic, I took walks around my local reservoir with podcasts. The idea hit me: "Host my podcast, sharing communication tips." The SIXCOMMS Podcast was born!


Business Communications trainer in Italy & Germany

I provided tailored business English lessons to prestigious clients in Italy, including FIAT, and co-designed and delivered English programs for DOW Chemicals in Germany, spanning apprentices to senior managers.


Training Consultant, British Council Professional Development Centre, Singapore

In Singapore, I joined the British Council's Professional Development Centre, collaborating with brands like Singapore Airlines and Marina Bay Sands. I enhanced my facilitation skills through engaging workshops for active learning.

Stay in Touch


Mobile: +65 91297229

A carefully curated toolbox of Communication Tips!

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